Workbench With Shelf
Utility Storage Loft

Double Barn Doors

Roll-Up Garage Door

Available Options
 2×3 Single Pane Window
 3×3 Single Pane Window
 2×3 Double Pane Window
 House Style Door, No Window
 House Style Door, 9 Lite Window
 Single Barn Door  (45″ opening)
 Double Barn Doors  (68″ opening)
 Garage Door  (9’x6’10” opening)
 3/4″ Flooring  (per sq ft)
 2×6 Floor Joists (standard on 14) 
 12″ On Center Floor Joists
 7′ Walls (Lofted Barn 81′ inside) 
 8′ Walls (Utility 92″ inside)
 16″ On Center Studs & Trusses
 Painted or Urethane Trim (second color)
 Non Standard Roof Color
 Snow Load 60 PSF  (per sq ft)
 Snow Load 140 PSF  (per sq ft)
 Shelves, Three Tier (per foot)
 Workbench With Shelf (per foot)
 Loft (per foot of depth)
 Extra Porch Posts
 Porch Railing (per foot)
 Framed Openings Window / 3′-9′

Exterior Door

Nine Lite Door

Single Barn Door

2′ X 3′ Window

Extra Railing

3′ X 3′ Window